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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Scrub Playback in the iPod

Of course we all love music!  How about podcast or audiobook?  Are you fond of listening to them as well?
When you're listening to a song, podcast, or audiobook, you can tap the progress slider at the top of the screen to move to another section of the track. But since the size of most (or some) average adults' fingers are relatively large for the iPod screen, it's a little bit hard to scroll accurately.  What if you just want to back up a few seconds? 
Answer:  Just tap the playhead on the slider and then drag your finger down to scrub the playback at various speeds.  The speed is displayed above the slider.  You can get progressively finer scrubbing control by sliding your finger down the screen

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What You Need to Know About Your iPod's Battery

iPod's battery life is an issue to most iPod users.  Users say that an iPod battery degrades over time and is irreplaceable. Users' contention have certain bearing since (1) the iPod battery is lithium-based, its recharge cycles last roughly around 300 to 500 times and it really does degrade over time, and (2) apple's design of an iPod battery is done in such a way that users cannot easily replace the internal lithium ion battery with a new one.

So, many ask, are iPods made to be a disposable digital audio player.

The answer is no.

Apple designed iPods to last a long time. But since an iPod battery is lithium based, we cannot expect it to last longer than two years. 300 to 500 complete charges and discharges wears down the power of a lithium battery. Apple, nevertheless, published guidelines about iPod battery on its website and gave tips on how to maximize the life of an iPod battery.

An iPod battery cannot be removed or be replaced the way a user does with a digital celfone by just clicking the open button at the back of the unit to remove and replace the battery when it wears down. The iPod battery is integrated in the circuitry.

You will ask now, why did Apple engineered the iPod this way?

Apple integrated its iPod battery with the main circuitry to achieve the ultra thin and ultra sleek design that it boasts. If the iPod battery is removable, the iPods will be as bulky as regular digital celfones.

Previously, Apple does not accept replacement of a worn-out iPod battery. Under their official policy customer should buy a refurbished replacement worth as much as a brand new iPod.

Because of this situation, third-party manufacturers offered battery replacement kits, with instructions on how to disassemble, remove and replace the iPod battery and then reassemble your iPod.

It was only on November 14, 2003 that Apple had announced a cheaper battery replacement program. The battery replacement program which costs $99 had been trimmed down to $59.
Tips to maximize your iPod battery's power. 
  • Keep your iPod at room temp.

    An iPod battery works at its best when the iPod is at room temperature, between 0° to 35° C (or 32° to 95° F).
  • If your iPod has stayed in the cold for many hours, let it warm up first before turning it on. Otherwise, a low-battery warning will appear and the iPod won't turn on unless you recharge it. But you wouldn't want to recharge it because it will deduct a recharge cycle to its 300 to 500 recharging cycle, right? So use it at room temperature and don't forget it! If after warming up your iPod remains asleep, do this: connect the iPod to the power adapter. Press the Menu + Play or Pause buttons. Do this repeatedly until the Apple logo appears.
  • Do not leave your iPod inside a car, especially during at noontime.
  •  Do not expose your iPod to direct sunlight.
  • An iPod battery can be fast-charged in an hour with eight percent (80) of its capacity. But it would be better if you charge it for four (4) hours fully recharge the iPod battery to 100%. This will save you discharge and recharge cycles by 20% for every recharging.
  • An iPod battery slowly empties even when the iPod unit is not in use. The iPod uses, even when asleep, a small wattage of current. So, store your iPod in room temperature to maximize the battery and slow down the draining of power. If you do this your iPod batter can last from 16 to 28 days.


* Empty the iPod battery fully before you recharge it.
* iPod skins and iPod covers look good on your iPod, but please do not charge your iPod while it is still dressed with iPod skin or cover.

When unattended

Pause your iPod if you will leave it on a table to pee, or do anything else. iPod will continue to play if left playing until the iPod battery drains out. Always turn off your iPod when not in use to save battery life.


When the room is well lit, you do not need backlighting. Backlighting can use use up a lot of your reserved battery power. Turn off backlighting when you do not need it. Select: Settings > Backlight Timer > Off.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Over 100,000 Apps Now Available on the App Store

Great news from Apple! 

iPhone® and iPod touch® customers in more than 70 countries can choose from an incredible range of apps in 20 categories! 

The release of iPhone OS 3.0 made over 100 new features available to iPhone and iPod touch users!...landscape view for Mail, Text and Notes; stereo Bluetooth; shake to shuffle; parental controls; automatic login at Wi-Fi hot spots and Push Notifications.

Here's the complete press release from Apple:

Apple Announces Over 100,000 Apps Now Available on the App Store

CUPERTINO, California—November 4, 2009—Apple® today announced that developers have created over 100,000 apps for the revolutionary App Store, the largest applications store in the world. iPhone® and iPod touch® customers in 77 countries can choose from an incredible range of apps in 20 categories, including games, business, news, sports, health, reference and travel. App Store users have downloaded well over two billion apps, continuing to make it the world’s most popular applications store.

“The App Store, now with over 100,000 applications available, is clearly a major differentiator for millions of iPhone and iPod touch customers around the world,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “The iPhone SDK created the first great platform for mobile applications and our customers are loving all of the amazing apps our developers are creating.”

“The App Store has forever changed the mobile gaming industry and continues to improve,” said Travis Boatman, vice president of Worldwide Studios, EA Mobile. “With a global reach of over 50 million iPhone and iPod touch users, the App Store has allowed us to develop high quality EA games that have been a huge success with customers.”

“With 10,000 downloads a day, worldwide customer response to our I Am T-Pain App has exceeded our wildest expectations,” said Jeff Smith, CEO of Smule. “The App Store has given us a unique opportunity to create and grow a very successful business, and we’re looking forward to an exciting future.”

Apple continues to improve search and discovery with new features including Genius for Apps, App Store Essentials selections, sub category listings and more valuable customer reviews. With the recently introduced iTunes® 9, it’s also now easier than ever to organize and sync your apps right in iTunes and they will automatically appear on your iPhone or iPod touch with the same layout.

The release of iPhone OS 3.0 this summer made over 100 new features available to iPhone and iPod touch users including Cut, Copy and Paste; MMS; landscape view for Mail, Text and Notes; stereo Bluetooth; shake to shuffle; parental controls; automatic login at Wi-Fi hot spots and Push Notifications. These new features have been incredibly popular with customers and there have already been more than two billion Push Notifications sent to apps available from the App Store. Additionally, the recently introduced In App Purchase feature for free apps means leading developers will now be able to offer customers the choice of buying content, subscriptions and digital services from directly inside their apps.

Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. Today, Apple continues to lead the industry in innovation with its award-winning computers, OS X operating system and iLife and professional applications. Apple is also spearheading the digital media revolution with its iPod portable music and video players and iTunes online store, and has entered the mobile phone market with its revolutionary iPhone.



What I love here are the simple features like Cut, Copy and Paste!  I use those a lot! =)
Of course MMS and the landscape view for Mail, Text and Notes.

"Shake to shuffle!!!"  Alright!

What else?...hmmm...Oh yeah!  Automatic login at Wi-Fi hot spots! =)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

iPod Shuffle: The first music player that talks to you!!!

Apple Announces Incredible New iPod Shuffle:

Apple describe the new iPod Shuffle 4GB as being the world’s smallest music player, measuring 45.2 x 17.5 x 7.8mm.

The first music player that talks to you!!!

Just press and hold a button, and VoiceOver tells you the title of the song and the artist without interrupting the music!!!  VoiceOver also tells you the names of your playlists. So, you can easily switch between your playlists to find the right mix for you mood.  You do not have to take you eyes off the road or whatever you're doing.  And when your battery needs charging, VoiceOver tells you that, too.

The controls of the new iPod Shuffle are now located on the right earphone cord.  This makes iPod shuffle smaller than ever!!!  According to Apple, you can also use headphones with similar controls from manufacturers like Scosche, Klipsch, V-MODA, and Belkin.

How to use VoiceOver? Continue reading...


Watch iPOD TV Shows!

Boredom. It’s man’s worst enemy, especially during breaks.

Everyone may have an ample supply of various reading materials, ranging from books to magazines to almanacs, simply any reading material that may take the boredom off your shoulders. This was the primary reason why the television was invented by an inventor. Boredom certainly met its match. This is not highly unlikely, but it’s still, in a way, unlikely, for not everyone has television sets.

So, if you’re one of those television-less people, then you look for other media of entertainment. The ipod is a solution to your problems.

The population of those who do have a television set is certainly outnumbered by the population of those who have an ipod. If you have an ipod, good for you, if you don’t, that’s too bad because you’re missing a lot. A lot is inclusive of the experience of watching your favorite tv shows on an ipod.

Yes, you read that right. You can now watch your favorite tv shows on your ipod, by way of the ipod tv shows.

NBC has made it a point to be associated with the itunes, and be included in the itunes website, being one of the most surfed website ever made. It is because of this said affiliation that you can now watch quite a number of NBC shows on your ipod. These shows will be listed as available on the itunes website, so that things will be a lot more easier for you, for all you have to do is click wherever it is that the word Download! is located.

After a few minutes, you can now enjoy ipod tv shows and watch the said ipod tv shows while shopping in the mall or while waiting on the subway train to get to your destination. You can also use your ipod and watch your downloaded ipod tv shows, at the same time, chasing the deadline on that full report your boss has been pestering you with for weeks. This is certainly a way of mixing business with pleasure.

The available ipod tv shows are Law and Order, which is perfect for the pre-law people, and also for those who have a calling to participate in the law; the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, which is a brew of serious topics for conversations, and laughs that give you and endless supply of gas; the Office is also available, this ipod tv show narrates to you the possible events that may happen in an office (which is very obvious, given the title); the show, Surface, can also be downloaded; the same thing goes with Late Night with Conan O’ Brien, you probably know this guy already, who doesn’t? Conan O’ Brien is a fantastic host.

In this ipod tv show, you get to know more about your favorite artists, actors or actresses, at the same time, cannot stop gasping for air, for the laughs that this ipod tv show offers come so unexpectedly; Monk also is an ipod tv show; and another is the show Battlestar Galactica, which , reading the title, gives you a notion that it occurs in the vast outer space and that there is an inevitable battle.

Simply, a variety of very good, probably the best, ipod tv shows that you can enjoy.

This concept, however, is not entirely new to the Apple industry. Though, what makes it somewhat new, is that it is now a full-pledged application which is very user-friendly.

There are various programs that are involved in the ipod-tv-shows mania, but the most talked about program is the MrTVpod.

The MrTVpod is a program that lets you manage your downloaded ipod tv shows in the tv shows category. This, however, is not approved by the itunes.

This prohibition is caused by the fact that, with this MrTVpod, you can just save any video in the category and declare these said videos to be ipod tv shows, for use on the new 5th generation ipod, which is also referred to as the ipod video. Itunes decided to go against the MrTVpod’s flow because they wanted, and still does, to keep their authenticity well intact.

Another probable reason could be their avoidance of a competition. This program, the MrTVpod is available for download for Mac Os X and the Windows.

So grab an ipod now and start enjoying those ipod tv shows that you love most. Cry; get mad; laugh; all of these are offered to you be ipod tv shows.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Free iPod Music Downloads: Legal and Safe

Apple iPod is not only trendy but it also helps make music revolution in the new era. This new technology from Apple Computers has brought a new order of musical pleasure to many people. That is why it has spread widely and its music widely shared around the world. You can have a wide array of choices from the downloadable music in the Internet for your Ipod.

You can choose from millions of songs and download what you want and when you want it. Effortless free iPod music downloads are also available in the Internet of which music can be kept for as long as you want.

There are free iPod music downloads in the Internet where thousands of music tracks are stored for legal sharing. And if you find a song you like, you can download it effortlessly and legally. There are many questions still about the legality of free iPod music downloads.

International and domestic iPod music downloads are bombarded with questions of legality in accordance to the Recording Industry Association of America or RIAA. There are still a handful of websites that offer legal free iPod music downloads including:



and iTunes Music Store

Free iPod music download websites above have great blog-style listings of free iPod compatible MP3 songs by record artists and labels, and mainstream and independent artists. Some will give you a free two-week trial period to check on the services provided by these websites that offer free iPod music downloads.

There are specialized websites too that give free iPod music downloads for young listeners. These are clean, professionally designed interface to give free iPod music downloads where you can download free iPod music across all major genres. There are more than hundreds of thousands of songs that are free for iPod music downloads.

If you find it hard to look for the songs you like, you can always go to iTunes Music Store. It is not as cheap as other iPod music download stores but it is completely safe and legal way to get access to one million songs.

Websites that offer free iPod music downloads can also update you to new cool accessories about your iPod and Apple computer that can help you and your gadgets achieve maximum performance. Accessories include car chargers, pocketdock firewire, pocketdock line out firewire, pocketdock combo, pocketdock line out USB, earbuddy and more. Websites that offer free iPod music downloads also feature not only songs but entire albums as well as updates on which songs and artists are becoming popular and hitting the charts.

From these featured free iPod music downloads in the Internet, you can easily locate the songs you want to have on your iPod. You can find the songs you like by browsing through the store's library by finding it by genre. Or you find too many results; you can make it easier by searching by artist, album or song title. For songs that are very popular for the moment, there are lists of songs that are topping charts around the world that will make the search easier.

Free iPod music downloads on different genres of music include alternative, indie and punk, Broadway, children's music, classical, country, dance and DJ, folk, international, jazz, Latin, miscellaneous, new age, Opera, pop, rap and hip-hop, rock, R&B and soul, and soundtracks.

There are many websites that offer free iPod music downloads but some people who have iPods do not know where to begin. The best way to search for these free iPod music downloads is through search engines like MSN, Google and Yahoo. Once you have found the websites you are looking for, you can click on them one by one and start by looking for the songs you wish to download for free.

After completing the downloading process of free iPod music, the songs you want are already stored in your computer which you can easily transfer to you iPod. Take note about where you saved the iPod music you downloaded for free for easy access later.

With free iPod music downloads, there is no need for you to break the law and join illegal files sharing communities in the Internet. If you cannot afford to buy new music downloads, you can maximize the use of free iPod music download websites today.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

County libraries tune in to iPod audiobook lovers

According to Sacramento Bee,

iPod users have more options for accessing free digital audiobooks through the Sacramento Public Library's downloadable collection, library officials report.

Previously, the majority of the library's downloadable titles were available only to non-iPod MP3 players, according to a library news release.

"With the recent acquisition of the MyiLibrary download digital audiobooks service, coupled with the OverDrive download service, library customers can access a huge number of downloadable audiobooks in the library's online catalog collection for their iPods and other MP3 players," said Carolyn Rokke, library materials manager.

To access to the online download titles, go to and click on "Download Books, Music, and Videos."

Customers can choose either the MyiLibrary or OverDrive download systems to find the titles they wish to hear.

Users then enter their Sacramento Public Library card number and personal identification number, and can then choose the number of days (21 days maximum) the audiobook is stored on their iPod, MP3 player or computer.

For details, call the Sacramento Public Library at (916) 264-2920 or go to

– Bee staff


When I was still in school, I only have limited volumes of encyclopedia in our home.  If I need more references, I need to go out and go to a library.

Gosh!  Now, I think students don't have any excuse of not having lots of references when doing any research work! =)